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Arriba! 2nd season 英語版

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Arriba! 2nd season 英語版

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Hello. This is a manga artist, Natsuko Hamaguchi.『Arriba! 2nd season』is the sequel of 『Arriba!』which was published serially in extra issue of Shogakukan petit comic.Unfortunately, as of 2019, 『Arriba!』is only published in Japan and Taiwan.However, once you read the summary which you can find at the beginning of this book, you’ll soon be able to enter the world of 『Arriba!』.『Arriba! 2nd season』was published by a manga artist, that is myself.I, myself had also learnt flamenco for 8 years. Moreover, I love various styles of dancing and theater arts.I would love to explore the world of 『Arriba! 2nd season』with manga and dance lovers.Be sure to check out the next episode.Last but not least, I would be very happy if you could send me a message.Please find me at hnatsuko.Special thanks to all dance and manga lovers around the world♡

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情熱を描く筆致が熱い浜口奈津子先生のフラメンコ浪漫傑作「Arriba!」の自主制作続編に英語版が登場☆スペインへ夢を追う紅のストーリーのエキゾチックな情感が他言語化で際立ちマシマシの必見作です!(^^)ノ"Editrial Office of Manga Library Z"





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