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What Has Happened to Me ~A Testimony of an Uyghur Woman Living in Japan~

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Testimony of a Uyghur woman who lived in Japan and became a naturalized citizen. If her young brother is captured and accuses her of too much horrific oppression in her homeland in Japan, not only herself but also her relatives are interrogated on her behalf. There is no contact with his family. Even in Japan, the Chinese Communist Party continues to monitor and threaten me every day. Unthinkable human rights violations are occurring in our neighboring country. I want as many people as possible to know about this. And these women, who are being invaded and oppressed by China, are also sounding the alarm to us, Japanese people.

静かな心の慟哭、ウイグルの闇…清水ともみ先生のヒューマンドキュメンタリー傑作が登場! 消える子供、強制収容…ウイグル人女性の目線で描く必見作の英語版です。"Editrial Office of Manga Library Z"

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